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Meet OSA

A Curiously Different Dog

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Publishing & Creative Services

Arnica Publishing is a provider of creative services and relationship development, using books, events, and other vehicles to promote a brand, an organization, or a cause.

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“In this book, I created a world of inclusivity and acceptance; a world that I want to see. Our similarities should be recognized, and our differences must be celebrated.”                                                                         

-Kelsey Kagan, author

"I thoroughly enjoyed Osa from the cute story to the beautifully illustrated pictures. As a mom and new dog owner the story reminds me that my pups are just as different and unique as my children." - Sharvon Crocker, esthetician, mother of three

Osa: A Curiously Different Dog


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About the author

Kelsey Kagan is a hiker, dog lover, occasional blogger, sun worshipper, has an endless curiosity, and is a self-proclaimed, ‘mediocre’ mountain bike rider. Kelsey loves being outdoors, reading, and collecting cacti, and roaming backroads in her truck with her two dogs, Osa and Jasper. She is married to her high-school crush, Ry, and they call Portland, Oregon home.

Kelsey wrote Osa after reading an article on racially motivated bullying in schools. In her words: “ In this
book, I created a world of inclusivity and acceptance; a world that I want to see. Our similarities should be recognized and our differences must be celebrated.”

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Who we are

ACS/ Arnica Creative Services provides the following services to our clients: publishing (from self-publishing to micro-publishing to trade-book and corporate custom book publishing), editorial, print management, graphic design, product, and package design, business and marketing plan consulting and development, advertising, public relations, and event planning.  We specialize in the development and nurturing of quality communication. How information about your company and services is shared between you and your primary clients (your vendors, customers...your audience) is critical to the success of your endeavor.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to help identify and support your brand: your values, integrity, quality services and philosophy. We will strive to support and strengthen your corporate and personal core values. We will be listening for your vision, mission, and goals in order to help you express those values in your image, message and service. Through our unique Open Discovery Process our goal is to enable your story to be told, to come to life in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Open Book

Effective Image: We ensure that every element of design and communication is appropriate to your company's vision, mission, planning, and strategy.


Effective Message: We take a common-sense approach, identifying your one-of-a-kind qualities and expertise that are easily realized as customer rewards or inherent value.


Effective Cost: We believe in offering fair start-up costs and reasonable project fees.

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During our initial strategy meeting with your company, our priority is to listen to you--in order to learn as much as we can about who you are, what your needs are, and what is most important for you to communicate to your clients about your services. We encourage you to actively participate in the development and creative process.

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Affordable Service

YOU are our priority! Although we have a small staff, we consider that a plus and hope you will too. Our staff are experts at what they do, we keep our overhead costs at a bare minimum and are very careful about selecting our clients; fewer select clients for us means more personal attention for you.

Endorsements & Recognition
OSA, A Curiously Different Dog

‘The same love for dogs and compassion for humans that Kelsey Kagan shows in her life shines through the pages in Osa’s journey of self-reflection and inclusivity. This search for belonging will resonate with pups of all ages, concluding with the poignant lesson that all we really need lives within us.”  

Ben Moon

author of “Denali: A Man a Dog and the Friendship of a Lifetime

"Osa: A Curiously Different Dog is awesomely amazing! I enjoy the subtle, soft message it delivers... being different is wonderful and something to be very proud of! I hope this book can be brought to Wallowa County schools, bookstores, and libraries."

Dodie Deck


“Osa is a heartwarming story about acceptance and celebrating our differences, which is exactly what the world needs now more than ever.”

Pablo Vadillo, Regional Director - United Home Group, Keller Williams

"Osa is a fabulous book, beautifully illustrated, for adults and kids alike! I can’t recommend it enough and have purchased several copies for my friends’ kids!"

Annie Prasade

Employment Attorney

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